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April Newsletter - HUPO 4th Annual World Congress

2005.05.02. 10:19:12
Dear Colleague: The Human Proteome Organisation invites you to view the attached PDF file containing the April newsletter of the HUPO 4th Annual World Congress "FROM DEFINING THE PROTEOME TO UNDERSTANDING FUNCTION" taking place at the Technical University of Munich in Munich, Germany from August 28th to September 1st, 2005. IMPORTANT DEADLINE: Please take note of our non-extendable abstract submission deadline: May 2nd, 2005. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered for presentation at the congress and will not be published in the book of abstracts. Click here to submit your abstract. We urge you to register to the congress and the education program now. Seats are going fast. Click here to register. If you cannot open the attachment, please do one of the following: 1) Click on the following link: MAC users: Press and hold the "APPLE" (also called COMMAND) key and doubleclick on the link above. 2) You may also cut and paste the above link into your browser. 3) Or click here for the online PDF MAC users: Press and hold the "APPLE" (also called COMMAND) key and doubleclick on the link above. Enjoy! Best Regards, HUPO Organizing Committee To unsubscribe from this newsletter please follow this link
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No. 제목 작성자 첨 부 작성일 조회
6 Proteomics Forum 2003, 장소: 독일 KHUPO 2004.03.10 1019
5 최신 프로테오믹스 워크샵 (2003-08-19) KHUPO 2004.03.10 961
4 KHUPO가 PROTEOMICS에 Special Issue 매년 발간 KHUPO 2004.03.10 1850
3 International Proteomics Conference 2003 KHUPO 2004.03.10 1035
2 보건의료 프로테오믹스 국책센터설립 KHUPO 2004.03.10 475
1 Proteomics 저널 Imfact factor 4.007 로 확정 KHUPO 2004.03.10 1002
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