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Announcement of the plan on a new journal publication by KHUPO

2015.04.17. 10:03:46

Announcement of the plan on a new journal publication by KHUPO, Seoul, Korea

April 10, 2015


Given that Proteogenomics becomes a new rapidly growing field covering both proteomics and genomics, which is essential for understanding protein function in a genome-wide manner, Prof. Bonghee Lee, president of the Korean Human Proteome Organization (KHUPO), Seoul, Korea, has recently announced a tentative plan to launch a new journal, PROTEOGENOMICS, starting from January 2017. This announcement was made during the societys General Assembly Meeting on March 26, 2015, in Seoul National University where the societys annual conference was held, as the Board of Directors of KHUPO approved the tentative preparation plan on the journal publication submitted by the KHUPO steering committee. If everything goes well with the proposed timeline, the journal will be published quarterly by the society in collaborative partnership with one of the leading premier publishers. To move this plan forward, KHUPO has set up a task force team which will start reviewing the feasibility of journals coverage, financial plan, content format and composition of the international editorial board. After having a certain period of review and preparation process
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