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International Proteomics Conference 2003

2004.03.10. 13:01:44
International Proteomics Conference 2003 (IPC 03)- 3rd Pacific Rim Conference and 1st Taiwan Proteomics Conference (1st TPC) , Joint Meeting of AOHUPO 2003 September 25-27 , 2003 Taipei , Taiwan International Proteomics Conference 2003 (IPC 03) 3rd Pacific Rim Conference is being jointly organized by the Taiwan Proteomics Society, Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Taipei, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, and AOHUPO Meeting Committee. The scientific program will consist of plenary lectures, invited symposia, and poster presentations. Topics for the ConferenceA.Advances in Proteomics B.Proteomics & Diseases IC.Proteomics & Diseases II D.Advances in Structural Proteomics E.Industrial Proteomics Second AnnouncementThe Second Announcement will be issued in April, 2003. It will include conference program and information on social programs, satellite meeting (on advanced proteomics technologies), conference tours, as well as the programs for registration, poster, accommodations and transport. International Advisory Committee Chairman: Richard Simpson (Australia) John Bennett (Phillipines)Shui-Tein Chen (Taiwan)Max Chung (Singapore) Mike-Hubbard (New Zealand)Kazuyuki Nakamura (Japan) Yoong-Ki Paik (Korea) Akira Tsugita (Japan) Chi-Huey Wong (Taiwan)Qi-chang Xia (China) Scientific Program CommitteeHonorary Chairman: Yuan-Tseh Lee (Taiwan)Chairman: Andrew H.-J. Wang (Taiwan) Organizing Committee Chairman: Andrew H.-J. Wang (Taiwan) Co-chairman: Shui-Tein Chen (Taiwan) Conference SecretariatSecretary General: Chi-Yue Wu (Taiwan) Gia-Fen Tsai, Hui-Wen Chang, Hsueh-Fen Juan (Taiwan) Conference Secretariat Chi-Yue Wu, Ph.D. Secretary General of the Organizing Committee International Proteomics Conference 2003 (IPC 03)-3rd Pacific Rim Conference And Taiwan Proteomics Conference Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica Tel: +886-2-27855696-4011 Fax: +886-2-27889759 E-mail:
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